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Richlands Hotel


You really have a lot of reasons why you are visiting Australia for the first time, and you are lucky enough to choose Queensland as your mainstay destination. Along the heart of the city, you have decided to stay in one of its prestigious hotels downtown, and it’s the Richland’s Hotel along 132 Government Road. This business establishment has been serving both local and foreign visitors all year round, and guests always not only leave an exhilarating comment about their stay or experience but also ready to give a four or five-star ratings on their online reviews.

It’s no wonder at all why people always come back for more at Richlands Hotel. The business has been around for quite some time, but the services remain to be excellent in all aspects. With some added facilities and amenities made possible by loyal customers and paying foreigner guests,  every person who pays a glance or a short stay or visit will always have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Getting to know the business

A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. Facilities provided may range from a modest-quality mattress in a small room to large suites with bigger, higher-quality beds, a dresser, a refrigerator and other kitchen facilities, upholstered chairs, a flat screen television, and en-suite bathrooms.  Small, lower-priced hotels may offer only the most basic guest services and facilities. Larger, higher-priced hotels may provide additional guest facilities such as a swimming pool, business centre (with computers, printers, and other office equipment), childcare, conference and event facilities, tennis or basketball courts, gymnasium, restaurants, day spa, and social function services. Hotel rooms are usually numbered (or named in some smaller hotels and B&Bs) to allow guests to identify their room. Some boutique, high-end hotels have custom decorated rooms. Some hotels offer meals as part of a room and board arrangement. In the United Kingdom, a hotel is required by law to serve food and drinks to all guests within certain stated hours. In Japan, capsule hotels provide a tiny room suitable only for sleeping and shared bathroom facilities. The services Richlands Hotel and Tavern offer will far exceed what you think they do.

Knowing who’s giving you a particular service

  • Concierge or front desk – they are the first ones whom you are going to inform of a room or function reservation. They interact daily with guests or customers by providing them with assistance on any problem or concern regarding their stay.
  • Event planner – consulting this person will spare you of the headache or anxiety in preparing either for a wedding venue or reception or a long weekend business meeting and conference. Since he or she knows exactly what, how and when things should be done, just sit back and relax while they put everything in place.
  • Executive Chef – definitely the right person to satisfy your gastronomic needs.
  • Sous-chef – the second in command while your food is being prepared in the elegant kitchen.
  • General manager – from the looks and sound of his position, there is no other person to consult when something goes wrong, or anything’s not working or going well during your stay.
  • The housekeepers – they are mainly responsible for keeping everything in order. More importantly, they are in charge of housekeeping services like cleaning the hallways, guest rooms, and restrooms in any particular hotel.
  • Porters – Similar to custodians and janitors, porters work to make sure that all types of buildings are neat, clean, free from clutter and safe. Custodians spend their days picking up trash, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, or using industrial cleaning equipment to clean floors, cleaning and stocking bathrooms.
  • Waiter and waitresses – they generally serve you the food you ordered together with your particular drink and give you water in case you need a glass to clear your throat.

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