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Custom Netball Uniforms for Queensland Teams

Netball is a team sport in which two teams play in a rectangular court and try to score as many goals as possible. The team that scores more goals is the winner. Both teams have seven players that need to respect certain positions in the court. Netball games are 60 minutes long. These positions can vary depending on the tactics but these are the common ones:

  • There are three types of defenders: wing defence, goal defence and goalkeeper. They help the team to create situations and also they prevent the opposition to get close to the goal. The goalkeeper is allowed to stay in their goal circle and goal third. The aim of this player is to defend the goal.
  • There are four types of offensive players: centre, wing attack, goal attack and goal shoot. They are aimed to score goals and also to create chances for their teammates. They don’t need to focus on the defence but they may do it if needed. But the centre is the only one player that works as an attacker as well as a defender.

Every four years, there is a Netball World Cup organized by the International Netball Federation.


It is important to understand that the better you are equipped, the more comfortable you will play. Snickers are specifically designed for this kind of sports and there are some snickers designed for certain positions. So it is important to make sure you buy the one that fits you better.

Uniforms are something crucial when playing in a team. Every player needs to wear the same uniform as the other players of the team. And it is crucial to make sure every player has another uniform set so they can change it fast if needed. It may be a good idea to talk this with the team before deciding which will be the team’s uniform so everyone is comfortable and feel they mean something to the club.

Nowadays there is a wide range of designs and many technologies. Every sports brand has its own technology that claims to make you feel comfortable.

It is important to do some research when choosing a brand for your custom netball uniforms.

These are some of the pieces of a typical netball uniform:

  • Shorts
  • T-shirts or dress
  • Long sleeve base layer
  • Hoodies
  • Socks

You may have to play against a team that wears similar uniform colours. So it is important to have more than one coloured-uniform. And also every piece of the uniform must have the club’s logo. This enables fans to go to the store and buy the same clothes the players wear in every match. This logo needs to be displayed in certain sizes.

Also, every t-shirt must have a bib hanging on the back which shows the position of the player during the game. T-shirts are commonly short-sleeved but sometimes clubs choose the long-sleeved t-shirts because of the cold weather.

It is important to make sure that the equipment has nothing that can damage other players otherwise it won’t be used during the match.

Players normally use some protective equipment such as knee guards and Kinesio tapes. These are commonly used to prevent injuries because this sport turns to be aggressive when one of both teams is losing. Contact Evo Sportswear for more information on how they can be of service.