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Benefits of holiday accommodation in Hervey Bay


Accommodation is a big decision for family vacations. The quality of the vacation can be affected by accommodation. The accommodation also cuts a large chunk of the travel budget.

Two choices are available when it comes to family vacations. One is a resort-style hotel and two, renting holiday accommodation.

What are the benefits gained if holiday accommodation Hervey Bay is the choice?

Travelling families have seen the numerous advantages provided by holiday accommodation stay. They include:



Privacy is the biggest issue with travelling families. Hotels are hardly the place allowing complete privacy. People are encountered everywhere in a hotel. Peace and relaxation are not the things gained from a hotel stay.

Holiday accommodation provides complete privacy. Staying in one avoids the problem of neighbours and numerous people. A relaxing and enjoyable vacation in complete privacy becomes possible with a holiday home accommodation.


More room

Space, the lack of it or more of it, can make or break family vacations. A family of four travelling together needs enough space to move around or do their own thing. Privacy is also gained when there’s enough room for all. A long stay of a week or two in a small resort room can pretty much cramp and dampen everyone’s holiday spirit.



Renting a holiday home is more cost-effective than renting a hotel room. Hotels, as a rule, charge per head. A holiday home, on the other hand, is rented as a whole apartment. Renting the whole place is more economical than having to pay per head per day.


Entertainment value

Hotels always offer great entertainment value. What it lacks, however, is the in-room entertainment that a lot of people need these days. Travellers need their entertainment gadgets such as cable services, music systems, DVDs, PlayStations, and free Wi-Fi.

Fully-loaded kitchens

Eating out all the time while on a vacation can cut a huge chunk from the budget. The holiday home fully-loaded kitchen offers an economical way of preparing and serving meals. Meal preparation is also one of the best times for families to bond while on a vacation. Best of all, home-cooking is still the best meal for families to eat and enjoy.


Laundry allowed

Looking for a Laundromat is probably the last thing people may want to do while on a vacation. However, staying in a hotel will make this a necessity as laundry washing is not allowed. It’s also expensive to have clothes laundered in hotels.

Holiday homes come complete with a washer and dryer. This not only cuts down on expenses, but it also saves travellers the trouble of looking for a Laundromat.


Cleaning service

Just like hotels, holiday homes provide cleaning service. However, holiday homes schedule cleaning services every day to include kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. Linens and towels are also changed every day.


24/7 Support service

A private telephone line is an amenity included in holiday accommodations. The phone serves as the 24/7 support service line for travellers whenever they need transportation or restaurant bookings. Secure entry and 24/7 CCTV security are provided by holiday homes to keep their guests secure and safe throughout their stay.


A family staying in a holiday home stands to enjoy more and save more than opting for hotel accommodations. Make the holiday stay enjoyable for every member of the family by opting for holiday accommodations. Aqua Aqua offer holiday accommodation in Hervey Bay. They will be happy to have you during your visit.