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Whale Watching Tours


Whale Watching Fraser Island

Fraser Island lies off the coast of Hervey Bay, south of the Great Barrier Reef’s last coral cay, on the Queensland coast. It’s pretty big. In 1992, World Heritage listed it as the largest sand island in the world.


Fraser Island’s history is fascinating. The “Butchullas” are its indigenous people. No one knows how long the Butchullas lived on the island. Some evidence indicates around 5,500 years and some up to 20,000 years.

In the late eighteenth century, British Captain James Cook (not the pirate) first sighted the island. Eventually, the Europeans colonized the area. They did not, however, properly respect the natives who treated the island with the appropriate dignity and honor.

In the early nineteenth century, Captain James Fraser’s ship was wrecked near the island and the Butchullas captured him, his wife, and the others aboard. Captain Fraser ultimately died, but his wife escaped and acquired great attention. Such is how the island got its current name.

Fraser Island Today

There were a series of campaigns and court decisions regarding the island. In 2014, the Butchulla people were granted Native Title rights. And, in early 2017, the island’s national park was renamed K'gari. It’s what the Butchulla people always called the island and the decision was important to them. K'gari is a spirit princess. After she helped create the island, she fell in love with it, and then lied down for eternity.

The park’s welcome sign includes the three laws of the Butchulla people: “what is good for the country comes first; if you have plenty, you must share, and if it's not yours, you shall not take.”

Fraser Island’s World Heritage listing protects it and ranks it along with other precious Australian areas as natural and cultural. Everyone can come and enjoy its amazing freshwater streams, colorful sands, and stunning rainforest, particularly those who love adventure and exploration. And, especially those who love to watch whales.

Whale Watching in Fraser Island

Every year, thousands of humpback whales swim from Antarctica to Australia to give birth in Northern Queensland’s warm waters. Along the way, they pause to play, rest and feed their newborn calves in the Hervey Bay’s protected waters. Experts believe that the females are also preparing their calves for the 5,000 km journey back to Antarctica. The rest in the calm shallow waters also gives the calves time and shelter to grow strong and the mothers a chance to teach them how to survive. This has been happening for so long, Hervey Bay is now recognized as the Whale Watching Capital of the World.

It’s amazing - that’s putting it mildly really - to see the enormous, yet gentle creatures, so close up. The whales, which Australians call “friendlies,” often lift up their heads to watch those watching them and wave with their flippers, as if to say hello, and then roll, dive, and leap up and out of the ocean. You can see as many as forty at one time. ‘It’s a thrilling, spiritual experience that words really cannot justify.

Fraser Island offers a host of boat tours and packages, which can be taken at various times of the day. Some tours offer pick-up and drop-off services, some offer snacks and meals, and some offer screens for live viewing, for when the days are too cold to stand outside. The season runs roughly from Mid-July through the end of October. And, most actually guarantee that you’ll actually see whales like

The Best Places to Hire a Car


How does Car hire in Hervey Bay works?

Car hire Hervey Bay operates as an agency for renting automobiles in a short period of time or depending on the agreement and preference of its clients. Car hire is good enough for those who want to have freedom for time and destinations they would want to go. Car hire Hervey Bay formally allow its people to use their maintained cars in exchange for specific amount. They have different kinds of automobiles to choose from. These automobiles have its corresponding hire fees and of course there are such terms and regulations for use to follow. There is also some stated documents the company requires to safe keep their automobiles from runaway thieves and other persons who bear undesirable interests.

In case something unnecessary will happen or if there are unexpected accidents to take place they know who to communicate with. There are provisions the company made to sustain good business relationship towards employees and clients. These provisions encompass simple do’s and don’ts in using the car. This is very important, so the company can guarantee that their rented cars are in good hands. Anyone who would wish to hire a car should abide these provisions and be compliant to company regulations. Apparently, the stated provisions and regulations are only in between the agency and the client. There should be no third party involved. Car hire is very popular in Hervey Bay to most tourists who want to roam around the city and who are fond for long hour drive to different beaches as the place’s main attraction.

Not only that, people living in the place also need car hire agencies to go to places for recreational activities together with their families that comes in number. Transportation service is not that easily granted so car hire is highly in-demand. Car hire is also best recourse when wishing to travel across cities of Australia. This is totally hassle-free since you’re going to be driving a car as if your own, so convenient. Rate is something not to worry about. They provide pocket friendly rates affordable to everyone. There are actually favorable deals that Hervey Bay offers for their car hire services. They have different brands for car hire each at reasonable prices. They also offer discounts in some ways.

People may book online or directly visits their office to negotiate and look for what’s available. They have fast pace client approach so you can be sure that you’ll get a staff to attend to your needs in not much waiting time. Staff help prospect client choose the right car for them. They are very much conscious about client service ratings so they want to make sure that customer satisfaction and safety is their priority. They provide genuine facts for customers and will show everything they know about automobiles for client’s extra wary. The car hire agency let client states their preferred pickup locations too so it would be more convenient for them. There are also some special conditions for driver’s age and that depends upon the agreement.


Accommodation in Hervey Bay


Whenever you are visiting a new place, accommodation is one of the most important factors to planning your visit. You have-to have a place to stay, right? It is good to know your options when you are planning and what benefits your accommodation has- to offer, from price to other services that may be included. In Hervey Bay accommodation is affordable, large in magnitude, and can offer a vast range of amazing views and services. Hervey Bay itself is a top destination, so why not gain some more insight on what type of accommodation and benefits are available in the area that you are planning to visit soon?

Type of Accommodation:

Accommodation is important, especially when considering what type of accommodation that you want to stay at! Accommodation can include almost anything; from hotels to houses or even from bungalows on the beach to hostels on the streets. In the Hervey Bay area, there are a wide range of offers in the type of accommodations available for your visit! One of the top and most popular choices are hotels. Many hotels in the area offer affordable options with other benefits such as pools, balconies, and amazing views. Not to mention, hotels give a modern feel and comfort for your stay. However, maybe hotels are not your style! Houses are also available for accommodation in Hervey Bay. Although the houses in the area may be a tad bit higher in price than hotels, they also offer the comfort of your home. Thus, creating a warm and welcoming feel for your entire stay. However, if you are coming on your visit with a large group, maybe a house would be lower in price and offer a better option than a hotel!

Add-ons included in accommodation:

Accommodations are important, just as the services that the accommodation has-to offer are also important. For instance, many hotels offer pools, gorgeous scenic balconies overlooking the bay, extravagant spas, and so forth. Not to mention, hotels also have the universal benefit of room service! These benefits are a great way to decide on your family accommodation on the Hervey Bay Esplanade when visiting the area! While staying at a house in Hervey Bay may not offer as many of these appealing services or benefits, it does offer a similar comfort to being at home. It gives you a feeling of being at home, well away from home. For many individual’s this beats out any services that hotels have-to offer, so check it out. In addition to a homey feel, there are many houses in the Hervey Bay area that offer you a short stay and have a benefit of pools and beautiful views of the bay. Some individuals may not need a hotel when this is an option!

So, when visiting Hervey bay be sure to consider all your accommodation options and what they have-to offer! You do not want to end up somewhere that is not a perfect fit for your travel needs. Regardless on if you like to travel modern and stay in a top-notch hotel, offering spa and other glamour commodities or if you like to go off the beaten path and stay in a house, feeling like a local and that you are in your own home, accommodation is important. And in Harvey Bay, the perfect accommodation for you is awaiting!

Queensland Sponsorships


Custom Netball Uniforms for Queensland Teams

Netball is a team sport in which two teams play in a rectangular court and try to score as many goals as possible. The team that scores more goals is the winner. Both teams have seven players that need to respect certain positions in the court. Netball games are 60 minutes long. These positions can vary depending on the tactics but these are the common ones:

  • There are three types of defenders: wing defence, goal defence and goalkeeper. They help the team to create situations and also they prevent the opposition to get close to the goal. The goalkeeper is allowed to stay in their goal circle and goal third. The aim of this player is to defend the goal.
  • There are four types of offensive players: centre, wing attack, goal attack and goal shoot. They are aimed to score goals and also to create chances for their teammates. They don’t need to focus on the defence but they may do it if needed. But the centre is the only one player that works as an attacker as well as a defender.

Every four years, there is a Netball World Cup organized by the International Netball Federation.


It is important to understand that the better you are equipped, the more comfortable you will play. Snickers are specifically designed for this kind of sports and there are some snickers designed for certain positions. So it is important to make sure you buy the one that fits you better.

Uniforms are something crucial when playing in a team. Every player needs to wear the same uniform as the other players of the team. And it is crucial to make sure every player has another uniform set so they can change it fast if needed. It may be a good idea to talk this with the team before deciding which will be the team’s uniform so everyone is comfortable and feel they mean something to the club.

Nowadays there is a wide range of designs and many technologies. Every sports brand has its own technology that claims to make you feel comfortable.

It is important to do some research when choosing a brand for your custom netball uniforms.

These are some of the pieces of a typical netball uniform:

  • Shorts
  • T-shirts or dress
  • Long sleeve base layer
  • Hoodies
  • Socks

You may have to play against a team that wears similar uniform colours. So it is important to have more than one coloured-uniform. And also every piece of the uniform must have the club’s logo. This enables fans to go to the store and buy the same clothes the players wear in every match. This logo needs to be displayed in certain sizes.

Also, every t-shirt must have a bib hanging on the back which shows the position of the player during the game. T-shirts are commonly short-sleeved but sometimes clubs choose the long-sleeved t-shirts because of the cold weather.

It is important to make sure that the equipment has nothing that can damage other players otherwise it won’t be used during the match.

Players normally use some protective equipment such as knee guards and Kinesio tapes. These are commonly used to prevent injuries because this sport turns to be aggressive when one of both teams is losing. Contact Evo Sportswear for more information on how they can be of service.

Why Use Promotions


Are you thinking of using promotional products to get your company’s name out there but just do not know if it would be worth it? Maybe you are hesitant because you do not want to invest your time and resources into something that does not work, but what if it does work? Well, you are in luck. I am about to identify for you why using promotional products is the best option and can help enhance your business sales for good! As well as giving you a few ideas on what type of promotional products to use so that your corporation or company can best benefit from this upcoming trend!


Promotional products can give individuals a lasting memory of your company. Regardless of if the promotional product is something such as a pair of sunglasses with your company’s or corporations name on it or even a flyer explaining who your business is and what your services consist of; people will remember you for what you left with them when you were promoting your product! In return, this creates familiarity. When people have some random product or flyer laying around with your logo or name on it, they will feel a sense of familiarity with your business and you will be the first they reach out too when they need your service or products. What better way to create a bond with your customers? There is not one!


Some promotional products are also beneficial that individuals can begin to like the company without ever using their products, but just from the promotional products that they have received from that company! For instance, say you give out promotional products that people like or use such as; water bottles, sunglasses, etc. These “goodies” you are giving out to promote your corporation, business, or company are things that people genuinely like to receive. Thus, you are creating a group of people who like your company without ever using your products. A result of this is that they are going to go to you for your service first, while also recommending your company to friends, since you are presenting them with a likeable image.

Free Samples as Promotions

Promotional products are great, but what should you use as promotional products? If you are in a situation where your company can provide free samples of your product or something similar to your service than do it! There Is hardly anything individuals in today’s world like more than free samples! This gives people a chance to see all that your business has to offer, without having to pay! This is going to result in them liking what they say and in return be more often in the future to come to you when they need or want your services or products in the future!

These few reason and suggestions on promotional products go a long way when it comes to benefits for your company. From creating a more common image, to becoming more likeable in the community in which you are in, promotional products are the way to go. They give individuals a sense of what your company is about and helps them be more likely to come to you when they need or want what your company can offer! So, get on board with promotional products today!



A City, Coast or Country Experience!

Welcome to the web site of Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay Queensland. The properties listed on this site offer you a range of diverse styles of distinctive hosted accommodation in Queensland. We offer properties in the City, coastal, rural and remote destinations, in styles that include a Homestay with the family, private self-contained cottages, wonderful Heritage properties and working farm stays.

We offer locations ranging from the Brisbane CBD, south to the Gold Coast and Hinterland, west of the Great Divide to Toowoomba and the Granite Belt and north to Cairns and the Barrier reef stopping off on the way at locations like Airlie Beach, Gladstone and wine growing areas of the South Burnett.